The Valley Of Ennui Might Be Deeper Than You Think

Ed Morrissey writes:

Eventually, even Hollywood has to acknowledge the market forces that drive ticket sales. If moviegoers refuse to watch ham-handed political screeds, investors won’t put any more money into them. They will have to either start providing more balance to their offerings or go back to ignoring present-day reality again.


Wanna bet? A handful of blockbuster non-political summer hits and an endless stream of DVD and cable/DBS royalties buys a lot of low/mid-budget leftwing agitprop. (Not to mention also keeping Altman and Woody Allen behind the camera long after their freshness date had expired.)

Update: One byproduct of Hollywood’s endless anti-war cycle? Peggy Noonan writes, “The New Republic’s editors seem to have mistaken Vietnam movies for real life.”


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