Phony Soldier Sighted In Atlantic City

Warner Todd Huston:

Imagine this scenario: A Republican Mayor of a famous city lies about his service in Vietnam and is caught at it but before that revelation comes to light he was already in trouble as he was about to be recalled by the citizenry for commonly being absent at city council meetings. What’s more he also presides over a city council that has several members under investigation for sexual misconduct, drunk driving and at least one recent council member who is in jail serving a conviction for bribery. Imagine how the MSM would howl over the Republican “culture of corruption?” And yet, this scenario that I describe actually exists with but one small alteration in the particulars. The mayor in question actually exists. His city council is as corrupt as I describe. Only the mayor is a Democrat instead of a Republican… not that the MSM seems to have noticed.


Yes, it’s time for another edition of “Name That Party!”

(Though to be fair, when you’re dealing with The Mob That Whacked Jersey, their party affiliation is a given.)


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