Ed Driscoll

Austin Powers Swings Into Action

And breaks up Dr. Evil’s underground lair, apparently:

The news reports that the billionaire founder of Broadcom is alleged to have built a secret underground suite on the grounds of his mansion, which he is alleged to have stocked with prostitutes and drugs is a titillating rumor, and obviously bad news for the man himself and his family (I won’t add to the Google hits by naming him).

But riding home from dinner tonight, it occurred to me that true or not, it is actually great news for America.

Because today when that news broke, millions of teenage boys went “an underground lair stocked with hookers, Ecstasy and blow!! I’m gonna be a tech billionaire!!” and immediately drank a Coke, sat down and cracked their textbooks.

Twenty years from now, there will be whole industries founded by those kids, and all of us will benefit.

But what will happen to Scott Evil?

(Via Pajamas HQ.)