Ed Driscoll

As Always, Life Imitates Monty Python

“Sea, sand and sunshine make Paignton the queen of the English Riviera. But for the next six months this sleepy Devonshire resort will be transformed into the blizzard-swept wastes of the South Pole. For today shooting starts on the epic Scott of the Antarctic, produced by Gerry Schlick”:

Scott: Listen, I gotta fight the lion. That’s what that guy Scott’s all about. I know. I’ve studied him already.

Schlick: But why couldn’t you fight a penguin?

Rettin: Great! (falls over)

Scott: Fight a rotten penguin?

Schlick: It needn’t be a little penguin. It can be the biggest penguin you’ve ever seen. An electric penguin, twenty feet high, with long green tentacles that sting people, and you can stab it in the wings and the blood can go spurting psssssshhhh in slow motion.

Forget Devonshire–they should have simply filmed in Peru.