Ed Driscoll

Politics Goes Through The Looking Glass

As Hunter S. Thompson once said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. And at the moment, there’s nobody weirder than today’s professional politicians.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s apparently found his RINO soul mate in Mike Bloomberg, goes politically incorrect and gets it right. Meanwhile, Trent Lott appears to be doing an infinitely weirder RINO impersonation–he was last seen praising Teddy Kennedy (and of course, the Dixiecrats) and is now attacking talk radio–which brought him to the height of his power 13 years ago, thus allowing him to live out the Peter Principle on a national stage.

On the left, that’s something that Harry Reid seems to demonstrating right now, as he first unintentionally echoes Mark Steyn–then tosses his quote down the Memory Hole.

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Update: Oy.