The Straussian Remnant

A commenter on the Brothers Judd Blog coins a great variation on Godwin’s Law:

The instant I even hear the word “neocon” brought up, I immediately dismiss whovever is writing / talking as having absolutely nothing of any interest or value to say. The entire “neocon” concept is a crock. It never existed outside of a few political journals until the Bush admin, and since then has served as a catch-all polite expression of anti-semitism, anti-Americanism, and certainly anti-Bushism (BDS?).

Neo-con! Booga Booga Booga! Hide the kids!

“Neo-con” is short for “turn the page now, and go on to to something worth reading”.


With the exception of those who used the word prior to 2001 (Commentary, National Review, the Weekly Standard all immediately come to mind), I’d say that’s a perfectly viable rule.

Update: Further thoughts and links here.


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