Ed Driscoll

The Eschaton And Its Discontents

Kathy Shaidle writes, “while the Left was unfairly accused of ‘creating’ 9/11, what they really were responsible for was… Jerry Falwell himself. Without the ERA, Roe v. Wade, Engel v. Vitale and the radical gay and feminist movements, the rise of a Jerry Falwell would never have happened”.

You can’t move too far in either direction–and as David Frum wrote, the decade of the 1970s, dominated by the post-LBJ “new left“, dramatically set the stage for today’s society–without expecting a backlash.

Update: Star Parker writes, “The Rev. Jerry Falwell’s passing seems to have traumatized the mainstream liberal press. Absent in its coverage of the event is even the normal pretense of objectivity”.

(Via Jules Crittenden.)