Ed Driscoll

Red Queen's Race--The Cat Fight

Henry Kissinger is reported to have once said, “Academic politics is so vicious because the stakes are so small”.

As the legacy media continues to bleed readers, watch for stories like this (via Hugh Hewitt) to become more and more common.

Meanwhile, as the L.A. Timesmen fight over who’s in charge of the deckchairs as the icebergs approach, Rupert Murdoch sees a Big Picture acquisition in his sights.

Update: Well, that didn’t long:

ABC News reports that Murdoch’s offer has been rejected. Nevertheless, the deal brought up some serious issues that Americans should paying more attention to. A small but vocal cadre in Congress does want to use the FCC and the Fairness Doctrine to target conservative influence in the media, most especially in the medium of talk radio.

As Stephen Spruiell notes, “The News Corp.-Dow Jones deal might be off the table, but left-wing efforts to curtail media freedom aren’t going anywhere.”