Ed Driscoll

Hedonistic Gipper?

This is rich–in the Washington Post, leftwing journalist Timothy Noah is attacking President Reagan for his “genial hedonism“:

Reagan, like just about every other actor who ever passed through Hollywood, had a very hard time viewing sex as something to repress. This genial hedonism would later express itself in Reagan’s embrace of supply-side economics.

I’ve referred to the left as “the new puritans” on more than a few occasions here, but up until now, I’ve never thought that they actually believed they were acting upon this trait themselves.

So if Reagan, who by all accounts wasn’t exactly the next Errol Flynn when it came to 1940s and ’50s style Hollywood hard partying is being attacked for being too hedonistic, perhaps its time for the left to re-evaluate President Clinton’s excesses?

(Commencing holding breath….turning blue…feeling faint…never mind.)