Ed Driscoll

The L.A. Times: It's Not Just A Job, It's A Calling!

Mickey Kaus writes, “Will the Media Critic Please Turn Out the Lights?” (Fluorescents or halogen of course. I’m sure that incandescent bulbs are verboten at the Times on both coasts…):

The LAT’s Tim Rutten has defended against the charge that he’s “sanctimonious” by publishing a piece titled “These rules we live by.” Oh-kay! More on this later. For now, please read through Rutten’s piece and ask yourself if he shows any sign of awareness that he and his distinguished LAT colleagues only have their jobs because they produce a product that people are willing to pay money for? Rutten writes as if there’s a constitutional provision that credentialed journalists have lifetime professional tenure no matter how much money his paper loses or makes.

Rutten’s far from the first journalist to think that way, of course.