Ed Driscoll

Good Thing The Germans Didn't Capture Saddam

Once again, proof that no satirist can improve upon the folly of man, as Germany releases convicted Baader-Meinhof terrorist Brigitte Mohnhaupt from her sentence two days early so that she doesn’t have to face the indignity of–wait for it–talking to reporters.

As Ed Morrissey writes:

This has to be a joke. They wanted to protect a hardened murderer from getting hassled by reporters? How awful! We wouldn’t want to have Mohnhaupt experience that kind of inhumanity!

Besides, what exactly do the Germans expect Mohnhaupt to do? She may disappear long enough to write her autobiography, or perhaps to market the one she probably wrote in prison. Afterwards, she will hit the lecture circuit, talking about the grand old days of revolution, when radical leftists like Mohnhaupt and her friends murdered bankers and abducted law-abiding citizens for fun and profit. She’ll want to hold press conferences wherever she goes.

The Germans have to have a holes in their heads for ever letting Mohnhaupt out of prison. This latest concern over the inconvenience of answering for herself to a free press shows what a joke this process was from the start.

Who’s Germany’s equivalent of Leonard Bernstein? She’ll be a huge hit at his cocktail parties.

(Via Betsy Newmark. Incidentally, does anyone have Margaret Cho’s take on this development?)