Ed Driscoll

The Horror....The Horror...

While the Apple-themed Hillary parody on YouTube promises that 2008 won’t be like 1984, it certainly sounds like 2007 could be a lot like 1978 at the movie theater.

Case in point: What does this upcoming film remind you of?

In a perfect world, Sony would love to get behind Across The Universe because it’s synergistic. Told mainly through numerous Beatles tunes performed by the characters, it takes advantage of that Sony/ATV music publishing catalog owned with Michael Jackson that boasts some 250 Fab Four songs.

My God, not this again.

Please, please make the 1970s end.

Please. Do it for the children. Or the environment. Or the environmentally-friendly children. Just make it stop!

Update: Of course, it’s not like the sixties will ever end, either. I can’t believe the teenage grief I gave my dad for listening to Crosby and Benny Goodman long after their shelf-life had expired. His Greatest Generation-minted sense of nostalgia for a rosier past had nothing on the boomers:

Bobby Seale is selling Black Panther posters. They’re kind of ugly and black-and-white.

I can, however, vouch for his barbecue cookbook, Barbeque’n with Bobby. Say what you like, but the man knows his ‘cue.

What would happen if Barbeque’n with Bobby met Che Guevara’s Ceviche? Once you spit out the machine gun bullets and sclerotic Marxist rhetoric, that’s some tasty eating!