John Edwards Is Right

There are two Americas: There’s one in which it’s perfectly acceptable to say that Israel is “the greatest short-term threat to world peace“, and employ as one of your spokespersons someone who regularly sprinkles her public writing with the seven words that decades ago you couldn’t use on TV–and then some.


There’s another where neither of those examples is acceptable public discourse. I’m happy to be affiliated with that America.

Update: As with his campaign blogger scandal, Edwards is quickly backpedaling over this one as well.

Another Update: John Hinderaker writes:

I think that Edwards is unserious as a candidate. Another instance of this is his construction of a 28,000 square foot mansion with attached sports complex at the same time he’s touring around, giving his “Two Americas” speech. I don’t think a man who really wants to be President would do that. I think he enjoys being a celebrity; his wife is a leftist and he may be too; no doubt they enjoy the attention of lefties in Hollywood and elsewhere; and he’s rich and needs to fill his days somehow. But I don’t think he’s particularly serious about being President, nor do I think he could mount a strong campaign even if he were.


There’s a lot of truth to that. Running for the White House is Herculean task for anyone who enters the race, but someone on his second try should know both the territory and the pitfalls that much better. That Edwards has made two spectacular gaffes two weeks in a row is extremely telling. And as Michelle Malkin has written, his most damning criticism isn’t coming from the right, but from the left.


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