The Nuanced, Authoritative Wikipedia

As of the time of this post–and it could change at any moment–here’s what’s currently at the top of Wikipedia’s profile of Beach Boys’ lead singer Mike Love:


Michael Edward Love (born March 15, 1941 in Los Angeles, California) is an American singer and songwriter who was one of the lead singers and lyric writers of The Beach Boys. He formed the band along with Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, and a school friend Al Jardine. He is an asshole.

He may or may not be, but it is amazing what slips through the cracks at “the open-sourced encyclopedia”; John Seigenthaler Sr. could not be reached for comment.

Update: Blink and you miss it! It appears to be gone now, but I did manage a screen capture before it vanished down the Memory Wikihole.

Glenn Reynolds recently wrote:

I find [Wikipedia] a decent place for casual reference when the subjects aren’t politically charged, but much less useful when they are.

But even with something as innocuous and non-political a topic as this, it’s a reminder that the Wiki page you’re reading–and citing–on a particular topic can change literally from minute to minute.


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