Ed Driscoll

A Timesman Takes A Rorschach Test

Ed Morrissey writes:

Super Bowl commercials generate a lot of foolish analysis, perhaps as much foolishness as contained in the advertisements. This year provided plenty of that in several varieties, reflecting the efforts of ad agencies to make the biggest impression in their greatest competitive event. However, none of it comes close to matching the idiocy of the analysis provided by the New York Times, whose ad analyst blamed the war in Iraq for making commercials more violent.

One of my favorite lines by the Washington Post’s Anne Applebaum from a different front in the culture war seems apropos here:

“Sometimes in the course of a great American debate there comes a moment when the big battle guns fall silent, the pundits run out of breath, and — unexpectedly — the long, bitter argument suddenly turns into farce”.

Update: “I guess that for New York Times writers, everything, even ads for beer or a Snickers bar have the war as a subtext. I think the guy just took too many deconstruction lit classes in college”.

Well, yeah.

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