It Takes A Village On Gallifrey

Hillary fires up the Tardis:

Hillary has gone John Kerry one better. The junior senator from Massachusetts of baleful Gallic mien merely voted for the $87 billion . . . before he voted against it.

That’s nothing. Hillary Clinton fired up the Time Machine, travelled back to 2002, and assured her fellow Dems that had she been president, the war in Iraq would never have happened.

On this afternoon’s Hardball, Chris Matthews played the clip of an angry Hillary saying this today to the winter meeting of the DNC:

“If I had been president in October of 2002, I would not have started this war. I would not!”

View video here.

Good to know! Most excellent adventure, Hillary Dude! And the fact that you voted to authorize President Bush to start the war? No problem! You can fix that during your next travel back in time.


Expect lots more spot-airbrushing (and certainly not just from Hillary) over the next two years.


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