Ed Driscoll

Boehner's Meaningless Resolution Buffet

While I driving around this afternoon, I caught the tail end of Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Minority House Leader John Boehner, and Dean Barnett’s call into the show immediately afterward. Over the weekend, Dick Cheney said, “I believe firmly in Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican, but it’s very hard sometimes to adhere to that where Chuck Hagel is involved”. That also applies to Hugh and Dean’s immediate reaction to Boehner’s recent proposal as well:

What did Boehner do to get us so riled up? Boehner, not wanting to be left in the dust of all this resolution hoo-ha, is proposing a benchmark measuring device that he will put forward in a congressional resolution of his very own. Boehner kept insisting that his only motive in cooking up yet another offering for the already-crowded