NYT's "Galling Negligence" Galls Liberal Watchdogs

Speaking of anger, Columbia Journalism Review takes the to-be-expected shot at conservatives in the process, but to their credit, they aim the brunt of their grievances directly at the feet of the New York Times for their ridiculous “51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse” article:


What’s going on here? Maybe the Times, with CBS mindlessly following, is just pandering to its imagined audience, among whom middle-class white woman living in the East Village of Manhattan must make up a large share. But this doesn’t explain the galling negligence. It’s moments like these when the paranoia of the right wing who sees the hand of liberal bias everywhere becomes understandable. Not that there is a conspiracy at work. Only that, if in the part of America where reporters live, being free from marriage is an unequivocally positive thing, this shouldn’t mean — as this article leads us to believe — that this is the case for every woman in the country. For some, what the Times is describing as freedom feels, one can imagine, like a curse.

You don’t say.

(Hey, maybe the Times was just sticking up for Condi–Ed. Oh, of course they were!)


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