24: Nooook-lar Combat, Toe To Toe With The Terrorists?

Matt Drudge breathlessly writes:

As Washington continues to raise concerns about terror threats on The Homeland — a recent CIA report outlined a scenerio of possible “series of explosions using ‘low charge’ nuclear weapons” — Hollywood and FOX-TV are set to up the ante with the new season of 24!

Few outside of the 24 set know the exact details of the new season unfolding, but studio sources claim producers are pushing hard to take it radioactive this time — and keep it there.

“Time to wake the country up!” a top FOX source told the DRUDGE REPORT over the weekend. “I do not think there has ever been TV done like this, the viewer is going to be completely riveted.”

The source claims executives are prepared for any fallout from local municipalities that may be on the receiving end of plot turns and twists. How many cities 24 puts on ‘nuke alert’ is unclear.

FOX has set a highly-controversial espisode of 24 to air Monday night, opposite NBC’s GOLDEN GLOBES.

In 2002, White House officials questioned the timing and release of PARAMOUNT’s action movie SUM OF ALL FEARS — a movie which depicts a nuclear bomb unleashed on an American sporting event!

One senior Bush official, who spoke to the DRUDGE REPORT at the time, claimed the movie crossed over the line of civic responsibility and commerce.



To paraphrase something my wife and I used to tell a friend who took Star Wars waaaaay too seriously, “You do know it’s just a TV show, right?”


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