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Denver Versus New Orleans: Denver Wins

No, that’s not an intense NFC/AFC interconference pro football game; it’s an interesting comparison of two recent natural disasters of biblical proportions and the responses therein. Don’t miss it.


(Via Maggie’s Farm. And for an equally interesting comparison of regional responses to less severe natural disasters, flashback to this great Virginia Postrel article from the mid-1990s.)

Update: Speaking of Denver, they’ll be having another Blogger Bash on February 16th. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it–as they say in their ad, You–Yes You! You Control The Bar Tab!

And speaking of which, sadly belated best wishes to VodkaPundit’s Stephen Green–get well, and start blogging again, soon!

Another Update:Seneca the Younger” of Flares into Darkness shoots out the Denver/New Orleans meme:

A few minutes Googling revealed that it was actually written about a blizzard in North Dakota, right after Katrina. I’m almost positive I got it by email then, although I haven’t tried searching my email for it; in any case, it’s in itself a bit of an exaggeration, since North Dakota (and Colorado) called out the National Guard, and ND also solicited and got a disaster declaration from the Federal Government. (The link it to a Snopes article; you can find details there.) On the other hand, while it’s an exaggeration, it’s got a touch of sense to it; there was no sign of the paralyzed dependency that we saw in New Orleans. We bitched about the snow, but we didn’t ask where FEMA was to help people stranded in the snow.


As “Seneca” writes, “It’s kind of interesting to watch it go past. It’s very interesting when you think about the ‘plastic turkey‘ and similar stories — it’s a demonstration of how a good story, a ‘memepropagates“.

I’m reasonably sure the Blogger Bash is real, though.

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