Ed Driscoll

Here's Where The Story Ends

Well, eventually, at least. Kathy Shaidle writes:

There’s plenty wrong with blogging: the fanboy kiss-assery; the me-too-ism; the wholesale adoption of clunky, unimaginative catch-phrases; the military “experts” whose firsthand experience under fire amounts to having yelled “You sunk my battleship” at their cousin in the rec room; the blogs that are nothing more than too-eager auditions for party hack employment; the rush to denounce unseen movies, unread books — and to publicize outrageous incidents that turn out to be figments of someone else’s imagination.

None of those real problems can, should or will be solved by some stuck up, dues-collecting, members-only acronym.


But look at how much the guild mentality has done for elite journalism!

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