Neologism Born of British Orgins: "Zombietiming" Coined By BBC

The BBC kicks off the new year by inventing a new meme:

Lawrence Pollard (host): Hello, I’m Lawrence Pollard, and welcome to a very special edition of Culture Shock: four leading experts in the fields of technology, business, marketing and trend-prediction are here today to tell us what 2007 has in store for us. Our four prophets will give us a glimpse of the future, and they’ll tell us each what they predict will be the defining trend of the next twelve months.

And without further delay, let me introduce our council of experts. … Tim Jackson is also here in London. Tim is a business entrepreneur and writer, recently selected as one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum in Davos, no less. In addition, Business People in the New Economy recently voted him one of the most important people they would like to have in their contact book. He’s in house, he’s here. Tim, Thanks for coming. Again, briefly, what do you think will be shaping 2007?

Tim Jackson: I think the biggest trend is going to be something which I call “zombietiming.” And it’s exceptionally bad news for journalists, because it’s a trend in which people out there on the Web will be checking facts of television, radio and newspapers, and hauling people to account when they get them wrong.


Not surprisingly, the audio of the show is at Zombietime itself.


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