Ed Driscoll

Greetings From Glen Rose, Texas

Last year at Thangsgiving, I posted some thoughts on Rough Creek Lodge, an upscale hunting lodge and resort on 11,000 acres in Glen Rose, Texas, about 90 minutes outside of Dallas.


As I was just telling Tammy Bruce and her radio listeners, my wife and I thought it would be a fun place to spend Christmas, and it certainly is–but blogging may be at a reduced pace over the weekend.

The two breaking stories today are this truck crash, made more suspicious because of its cargo, and the Duke lacrosse case, with the D.A. dropping the main charge of rape. As I mentioned to Tammy, the timing of it–on a Friday afternoon, the weekend before Christmas–seems to imply that his office was attempting to minimize the damage to Mike Nifong’s reputation as much as they possibly could.

Will the remaining two charges against the Duke players be dropped during another quiet period in the news cycle–say, the weekend before New Years? Or will Nifong continue to try to string this out as long as possible?

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