Ed Driscoll

Most. Insane. Headline. Ever.

These guys do often run columnists whom I’ve enjoyed reading (but can usually find elsewhere), and they get bonus points for being an alternative media source on the Web several years before the Blogosphere came into existence.


But then they run articles with headlines like this. (And no, it’s not a parody. At least I think it isn’t. But who can tell these days?)

(Via Hot Air. “P.S.: Soy sauce is fine”! Jesus.)

Update: Ed Morrissey adds:

WND reminds me of the National Enquirer. It sometimes gets stories right, and most of the time has at least some elements of truth. More often than they should, WND relies on hyperbole and outrageous exaggeration to draw attention to its political agenda. Readers who know this can pick their way through the chaff — but those readers know better than to waste their time at WND.


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