Oprah The Middle East

The Iraq Study Group Report is now in the hands of Mark Steyn, who commences careful study of said document before skewering the daylights out of it:

Well, the ISG — the Illustrious Seniors’ Group — has released its 79-point plan. How unprecedented is it? Well, it seems Iraq is to come under something called the “Iraq International Support Group.” If only Neville Chamberlain had thought to propose a “support group” for Czechoslovakia, he might still be in office. Or guest-hosting for Oprah.

* * *

So there you have it: an Iraq “Support Group” that brings together the Arab League, the European Union, Iran, Russia, China and the U.N. And with support like that who needs lack of support? It worked in Darfur, where the international community reached unanimous agreement on the urgent need to rent a zeppelin to fly over the beleaguered region trailing a big banner emblazoned “YOU’RE SCREWED.” For Dar4.1, they can just divert it to Baghdad.


You know what to do next.

(And then check out the amazingly unflattering photo of Hillary reading the report that Time magazine bizarrely chose to run this week. Does this mean that even she doesn’t appreciate its diagnosis, as well?)


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