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John Podhoretz spots “The Most Pretentious Piece of Writing in All of Recorded History”:

You know, at times, people come up to me randomly on the streets of New York and ask me, “Say, JPod, how exactly would you define the word ‘pretentious’?” And I have to admit I am usually stumped and unable to sum up exactly the qualities of pseudo-thought that the word represents. That is why I am grateful today for the film critic of the New York Times, Ms. Manohla Dargis. A writer of uncommon self-important idiocy, Dargis has just published what is, I believe, the single most pretentious review, ever written, in any publication, anywhere, of anything. If you are brave, you will emerge from her description of David Lynch’s Inland Empire a sadder but wiser person. You will have looked the horror of pretentiousness in the face and you will have survived. Take a deep breath. And begin. Here.


Note: review (not to mention movie) could cause serious side effects. Do not take internally. Consult your physician if you begin running around in a circle screaming inarticulably.


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