Meet The New Boss

Sister Toldjah would like to introduce you to the new Senate Majority leader.

Meanwhile, as the Washington Post attacks Jack Murtha, including mention his 1980 ties to Abscam (those Swift Boaters!), Betsy Newmark writes, “Gee, wouldn’t it have been nice if the Post and the Pennsylvania papers had aired these stories before the election, but I guess that would have interfered with the whole ‘Republicans are the only corrupt party’ around message.”


Update: Ed Morrissey adds:

When Murtha shivved Hoyer in June with his announcement, we noted the hubris of Democrats squabbling over leadership positions that they had not yet earned. Now we see the hubris of a Speaker-elect who thought she could re-order her political caucus without considering the views of other members. She’s already less than popular with the Congressional Black Caucus (which also may explain the decision by Rangel and Maxine Waters to support Hoyer), and she can hardly afford to alienate many more Democrats if she expects to win election as Speaker.


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