I'll Have What He's Having

Wow–like the punchline at the end of the When Harry Met Sally parody we posted yesterday, I’ll have what William Greider of The Nation (and formerly Rolling Stone and The Washington Post) is having:


When I heard the news flash that a plane had crashed into a Manhattan apartment tower, I didn’t think, how horrible. I said to myself: those rotten bastards in the White House.

I was thinking the Bush regime had gone to new extremes in its search for a believable “red alert.” That tactic is worn out, it’s been used so many times in election seasons. Instead, why not blow up a chunk of New York City to remind folks how scary life can be in these United States? Okay, that thought is irrational (also slanderous). But office conversations the next day told me I was not alone.

Maybe the folks at the office were simply reading Ace of Spades, who, the same day as Cory Lidle’s tragic accident, satirically got a jump on the conspiracies to come. But as Canadian blogger Kathy Seidle wrote back in July in response to 9/11 conspiracy freaks:

I wonder if the nuts even believe what they are saying. Because if something like 9/11 happened in Canada, and I believed with all my heart that, say, Stephen Harper was involved, I don’t think I could still live here. I’m not sure I could stop myself from running screaming to another country.

How can you believe that your President killed 2,000 people and in between bitching about this, just carry on buying your vente latte and so forth? I would have to be literally locked up, as a danger to myself and others. That’s why I think a lot of this is just adolescent style posturing on the part of conspirazoids.


Adolescent style posturing? At The Nation? Absurd!


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