Ed Driscoll

Six Degrees Of Hallucination

It’s safe to say that he’s probably not Sidney Poitier’s son, but there’s a real Six Degrees Of Separation vibe from Alexey Vayner, aka, Alexey Garber. Junk Yard Blog writes:

This video is so freakin’ great I loaded and watched the whole thing through a molasses-clogged dialup modem. You should too. Failure cannot be considered an option.

Not only is Alexey an amazing egomaniac, by the way–he’s apparently a thoroughgoing fraud. According to that link, he plagiarized a book on the Holocaust for the text of his self-published book (“a gendered look at the Holocaust”) and both the company he founded and the charity he started are, well, a little iffy.

It’s kind of a pattern. Even his name is bogus: it used to be Alexey Garber until that name started showing up on Google’s BS detector. From the Ivygate site above, here’s a link to a profile about him (in .pdf) when he was first starting college as a pre-freshman, telling everyone the Dalai Lama was his bud, and he was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tennis coach. Funny how the lies sort of stay in the same ballpark–martial arts, tennis, entrepreneurship. He doesn’t show a lot of range in his improvisations.

But you know what he does have? Confidence.

JYB believes that Alexey may be a perfect match for Jacqueleine Mackie Paisley Passey, but competition for Alexey’s affection could be ensuing

Update: Video pulled; details here.