Ed Driscoll

The Solution Here Is Obvious

The Professor writes:

DANIEL DREZNER LOOKS AT THE LATEST SALVO in The New York Times’ jihad against Wal-Mart, and is deeply unimpressed: “This leads to a fundamental question — what on earth motivated the New York Times to put this article on the front page of its Business section? Properly headlined, an article that blares, ‘Little Money Flowing Between Wal-Mart and Washington Think Tanks’ wouldn’t even have run, much less on the front page.”

Wal-Mart should buy the ground that the Augusta National Golf Club sits on, build a new “big box”, hire plenty of women to work there–and maybe an otherwise currently unemployed Howell Raines to manage the store.

And watch the good vibes start to flow from the Mean Ole Gray Lady!

Update: Stephen Spruiell hits the road towards The Path To Sam Walton:

I don’t get it. In the run-up to what might be the most important election in their party’s history, the Democrats are campaigning against… Wal-Mart and Walt Disney? What’s next? Kittens? Grandma?

That’s for 2008.