Ed Driscoll

Condi Versus The Copperheads

On the second anniversary of 9/11, James Taranto wrote:

“Everything may have changed on Sept. 11 two years ago, but not necessarily in the ways one would have expected. American politics is the most striking case in point. Given the bipartisan unity that prevailed in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on America, one had reason to hope for a revival of the early Cold War adage that ‘politics stops at the water’s edge.’ And indeed, except for the lunatic fringes of the Democratic left, this seemed to be the case for better than a year after the attack.

The turning point seems to have been the 2002 election. Having lost control of the Senate, the Democrats lost control of themselves. The party is now dominated by 21st-century Copperheads who exult in every setback and refuse to acknowledge any success–all because they have convinced themselves that it is the ‘Bush administration,’ rather than their country, that is fighting the war.”

Three years after Taranto wrote of the Copperheads, and on the eve of 9/11’s fifth anniversary, Condoleezza Rice is evoking their memory as well: