Ed Driscoll

Toy Story Meets Spy Versus Spy

Like the old Mad magazine “Spy Versus Spy” series, AP has caught fellow Hezbollah public relations arm wire service Reuters in the act of laying out random children’s’ toys amongst bombed-out rubble to heighten the emotions of their photos, as Betsy Newmark observes.

(Elsewhere, Allahpundit explores a far uglier use of props–that, sadly, at this point, isn’t all that surprising.)

Baghdad Bob” became infamous after shouting about Saddam’s glorious crushing of the invading infidels, even as American tanks were visibly arriving into Baghdad unscathed, and seemingly visible within the same minicam’s viewfinder that was videotaping Bob. The Blogosphere is rapidly having a similar effect on several news sources, but right now, especially on Reuters. Which makes sense–those who are bending reality into the worst pretzel shapes are usually the easiest to catch in the act.

Update: Speaking of bending reality, check out this video of “Green Helmet Guydirecting a photo shoot of a dead baby being placed into a Lebanese ambulance–but not before the best camera angles are chosen:

All of which begs the question that Mark Steyn asked on his Website:

Here’s a question for western news organizations: If Israel is so obviously such a disproportionate bloodthirsty murderous savage beast, why is it necessary to fake the evidence?

I’m not holding my breath waiting for a response.

More: Green Helmet Guy is all over this EU Referendum post, appropriately titled, “The Corruption of the Media“.