The Royal Mustache On The Left

Based on the duds he’s been sporting lately, evidently, Prince Harry has read Edward Feser’s brilliant 2004 essay, “The Mustache on the Left“, and has decided to live out an Internet article as performance art.


Either that, or he’s just another morally brain-dead radical chic idiot.

We report–and deride!

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin asks, “What’s next–a keffiyeh?” Actually, that would be the sort of fashion territory his father has long since been exploring.

Update: In related topics, Charles Johnson spots “Echoes of Nazism in [Lebanon’s] Tyre“; Dean Barnett writes, “Some Americans believe that Israel should not exist. And these are the Americans that [Joe Lieberman’s opposition, Ned Lamont] and other Democrats have so eagerly embraced”.


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