Scrappy Local Newspaper Struggles For Survival

Yesterday, we had a brief post written from the point of view of how CBS’s 60 Minutes would breathlessly cover a corporate PR stunt–if it didn’t involve CBS itself. Meanwhile, Thomas Lifson looks at how the New York Times would cover a recent business cutback…:


A profitable company is to shutter a factory it built in 1992 as part of a much-hailed visionary strategy to take advantage of technology. But now it is just a cost to be cut. Eight hundred jobs, many of them well-paying blue collar positions (supposedly an endangered species) will disappear, while managerial and professional jobs are being protected.

Normally, this would be a juicy target for series of articles on the front and business pages of the New York Times. You know the drill: a parade of blue collar people victimized by the Bush administration, and now facing a bleak future. Meanwhile the insiders make out fine. There


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