Ed Driscoll

Well, That Was Fast

Joe Biden enters the early presidential fray, causing Hugh Hewitt to rejoice.

Biden then promptly shoots himself in foot.

Fortunately for Joe, nobody but us obsessives are paying any attention to politics right now. But it’ll be fun to see if this remark pops up again if, astonishingly, he receives any traction whatsoever.

Update: Video here; Drudge is currently linking to it, which means that it may load slowly–if at all.

Another Update:

It sure is weird how Dems are so comfortable making cracks at Indians’ expense.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s bizarre joke about Gandhi and gas stations?

Meanwhile, the Professor looks at other examples of foot-in-mouth disease: “It’s a Kerfuffle-a-thon, and Taranto’s on vacation!”

Coincidence? I think not….of course. But Taranto will definitely have lots of catching up to do upon his return.

Finally (for now), Chris Muir looks at another example of today’s Kerfuffle-a-thon: