Ed Driscoll

MI 3: Cracking The Subtext

Over at TCS, James Pinkerton goes deep, deep within the Paramount-Industrial Complex to explore the hidden subtext buried underneath the otherwise formula plot of Mission Impossible 3: Your mission, Mr. Cruise, “should you decide to accept it, is to convince people that you are normal“:

OK, so light that famous match, cue up the cool Lalo Schifrin music, and away we go with the third installment of this series. Is “Mission: Impossible 3” a good movie? It is if you like that sort of thing — it’s thoroughly technological, thoroughly implausible, thoroughly enjoyable.

But what makes the film so interesting to watch — at least for tabloid-reading followers of Tom Cruise’s love life — is that it’s a spy story within a spy story. There’s a spy story for us to unravel as we watch Ethan Hunt, the mysterious movie character, try to save the world from deadly arms dealers, and there’s a second inner story for us to unravel as we watch Tom Cruise, the mysterious movie actor, try to save his career from nasty gossip-mongers.

Good luck with that.