Ed Driscoll

The Great Experiment Begins: Welcome To Our First Podcast!

Since all the cool kids seem to be doing their own Podcasts these days, I figured it’s time to join in on the fun. And speaking of cool, our first interview is with the King of Cool himself, Stephen Green, the proprietor of VodkaPundit.com, “The Best Free Booze On the ‘Net”, as Roger Simon would say. So without further ado…

Click here for the first EdDriscoll.com Podcast! (No iPod required for listening–virtually any PC audio player will play an MP3 file.)

Future Podcasts will go live about once a week or so (probably with an emphasis on “or so”).

For the technical wonks out there, this was recorded with Cakewalk’s Sonar 4.0, via the JK Audio Inline Patch that Glenn Reynolds mentioned in his first Podcast for the telephone recording, and an ancient Shure SM58 microphone, both of which ran into an M-Audio Delta 66 audio card and breakout box.

I played all of the instruments on the intro and outro music, with the exception of the drums, which Mick Fleetwood sat in on (more or less). And the final Podcast mix was processed with Izotope’s Ozone mastering software to give it a nice professional sheen.

…Or so we hope. Let us know what you think!