Ed Driscoll

Iraq Liberation Day

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs reminds us that today is “the three year anniversary of the day Saddam Hussein fled Baghdad and his atatue was toppled. It was a great day for Iraq and a great day for America”.


Meanwhile, via Power Line:

Investors Business Daily provides a good, albeit not exhaustive, summary of what we’ve learned so far from the Iraqi documents released pursuant to Project Harmony. But wait–aren’t all these documents being “leaked”?

James Taranto has some thoughts on that topic.

Update: Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk also has some thoughts. (Via InstaPundit, who has additional anniversary coverage.

Another Update: 1000 reasons why removing Saddam was right: “Iraqis Find 8 Mass Graves Containing 1,000 Bodies, Kurds Say”.