Ed Driscoll

NBC=Network's Books Cooked

Is NBC planning to stage a “news” story? Michelle Malkin has the details, and loads of links.

No word yet if Mary Mapes is now on NBC’s payroll.

Update: Did NBC’s news department just screw the network’s sports division, which collects millions of dollars in revenue covering NASCAR?

Another Update: …Or was it simply NBC in toto wanting to give NASCAR “a goodbye kiss” as the Professor suggests:

Hmm. A couple of readers say that this is NBC’s last year of sharing in NASCAR broadcasts, after which the consortium will be to Fox, ABC, and ESPN. Is NBC trying to give NASCAR a goodbye kiss? Apparently, its coverage was poorly received: “Ratings for NBC’s coverage, like those for Fox’s, have consistently increased throughout the six-year contract. But NBC has often gotten a tepid or worse response from many die-hard racing fans, some of whom have complained that the network appeared to lack passion for the sport. . . . The network didn’t believe the package was as valuable as what NASCAR was asking for it. When the new deal was announced in December, published reports said the agreement was for a total of $4.5-billion, or 61 percent higher than the previous deal signed in 2000.” More here.

And reader Eric Hall offers a new assignment: “Dateline NBC ought to take some Christian-looking people to Riyadh and see how things work out. Don’t forget the bikini-clad sister.”

Heh, indeedTM.

In any case, I can’t wait to see how this story plays out–and if the truth is actually known.