Ed Driscoll

The Spewage Rising Limited Edition Les Paul

In the mail today was a Guitar Center flyer, with a page devoted to the “Music Rising Limited Edition Les Paul“:

Following a visit to New Orleans late last week, U2’s The Edge announced today the unveiling of Music Rising, a campaign to raise funds to replace the lost instruments and accessories of the musicians affected by the hurricanes that devastated the Gulf Coast region two months ago. Lead partners Gibson Guitar and Guitar Center Music Foundation have spearheaded the initial effort by collaborating on the design, manufacture and sale of an exclusive Gibson guitar with all proceeds going directly to the Music Rising program. The guitar will be available through Guitar Center. The instrument captures the essence of the Gulf Coast’s musical tradition. A very limited quantity will be produced with all proceeds benefiting Music Rising and a pledge of $1 million in support. The Gibson Music Rising guitar features hand-painted designs using the colors of Mardi Gras. Each guitar will be individually painted and handmade so no two will be alike.

I know it’s for a worthy cause, but…yuck! It’s definitely painted in the colors of Mardi Gras, though: that top looks like the byproduct of what the French Quarter’s streets are covered with after a particularly hard partying Fat Tuesday.

So what should a great Les Paul look like? Pretty much exactly like this.

(And this is what one should sound like, incidentally.)