Ed Driscoll

Just 'Cause They're Number 3, Don't Expect Them To Try Harder

Found via Bizzy Blog, Thomas Lifson and Jack Risko of The American Thinker go deep inside the New York Times’ financial numbers. This factoid is particularly intriguing:

The Times has seen its comparable core metropolitan circulation decline by 27% since 1993 (the first year that such figures were available online), when it had a circulation of 758,000. Its current 556,000 circulation places it a dismal number three in its home market behind the New York Daily News (689,000) and the New York Post (663,000).

As for the rest of the Times’ financials, Lifson and Risko notes, “No fraud exists in the 10-K reports of the New York Times Company. But there is certainly spin”:

The New York Times Company