In The Mail Today

One person who has been absolutely brilliant at spotting trends and extrpolating their consequences into the future has been Alvin Toffler, whom I spoke with in September 2001, less than a week after 9/11. A galley copy of his new book, Revolutionary Wealth, just arrived–look forward to a review of the book, and hopefully a an interview with Toffler as well, in the not-too-distant future.


Also in the mail was a review copy of Cakewalk’s new Rapture software synthesizer. Look for a review of that as well.

And speaking of Toffleresque books, I have a review of An Army of Davids, as well as a profile of its author (I think he’s a blogger or a law professor, or something like that), over at TCS today.

(Please note that I didn’t choose the photo, which makes Glenn look like a bit like he’s being grilled by a Senate subcomittee.)



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