Cue The Riffs From "A Christmas Story"

Brietbart/AP is reporting that Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally sprayed a 78-year old Texas attorney with shotgun pellets during a man during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas”. Fortunately he’s “alert and doing fine” at a neaby hospital.


Cue the riffs from A Christmas Story: as Jonah Goldberg writes, “Get ready for an avalanche of nasty jokes and comments”. At a minimum, Letterman and Leno’s monologues for the week just wrote themselves.

Update: “In the interest of fairness”, Tim of Hyscience writes, “and before anti-gun opportunists begin their campain of misinformation, let’s not forget the 11th hour desperation photo op by former presidential candidate John Kerry”.


Update: Here we go! (To tell the truth, some of these are actually pretty funny.)

Another Update: Is Cafe Press publicly held? It might be time to buy stock.



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