Ed Driscoll

Cue Peter Gabriel's "D.I.Y."

I was about to link to my annual “the Grammy’s ratings are the lowest ever, and here’s what it means post”, but Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn presented a unique twist on the story this afternoon:

HH: I want to close on a lighter note. Last night, American Idol outperformed in the ratings the Grammy’s. The lesson to be drawn from this cultural first, Mark Steyn?

MS: Well, I think in a sense, that’s the…anyone can be a celebrity now. That’s the great…you know, Noel Coward said years ago that television is for being on, not looking at. And that was fine when you were Noel Coward, and the ordinary people…Ella Fitzgerald or Bob Hope, and the ordinary people watched you. Now, you don’t have Bob Hopes and Ella Fitzgeralds and Noel Cowards, and the ordinary person has rightly figured out that he can be as good as them. And those ratings demonstrated it, compared to the Grammy’s.

And there’s all sorts of empowering technology available for anybody who wants to make his own records.

Man, it’s like…An Army of Davids out there!

(I interviewed The Professor yesterday; expect lots more on this topic, in the not too distant future.)