Ed Driscoll

Ed Goes To England!

…Well, not exactly; sadly, I haven’t been back since 2000. But because I am so very, very cool, I had an article in the December edition of England’s Computer Music magazine on using technology to improve lead vocals. It’s not online, but if you’re in the US, it’s the issue that’s currently on the shelves at your local Borders or Barnes & Noble–that’s where I picked up my copy tonight.

I haven’t been blogging as much lately about home recording because of all the Pajamas-related stuff that went on this fall here at Casa de Ed, which pushed that particular hobby of mine temporarily somewhat in the background. But I’m eager to get back to it this new year, if only for its theraputic value, and to not allow whatever meager music and recording skills I’ve honed off and on over the last 20+ years to go to waste. And as an offshoot, look for additional music-related articles online and on dead tree, from time to time this year as well.