Ed Driscoll

Compare And Contrast

In a rare Friday night/Saturday morning post (depending upon which time zone you’re in), James Lileks has an MP3 of the NBC radio news broadcast for December 25th, 1944. There’s only a brief mention of Christmas in the middle of it, otherwise, it’s “Bad news, straight, no chaser”, as James writes. But there’s no moral equivalence, no attempt to portray one man’s Nazi as another man’s freedom fighter. No attempt to portray our breaking of the Germans’ Enigma codes as This Week’s Crime of the Century by the president.

In other words, you know the broadcaster is rooting for America to win the war, unlike much of today’s media.

(Man, I sound as grim as NBC’s announcer. Fortunately, Lileks has much more Christmassy stuff on his site, between today’s and yesterday’s posts.)