Ed Driscoll

Doubling Down

The Professor writes:

BUSH DOUBLES DOWN: I just watched Bush’s speech. Nothing new there for anyone who’s been paying attention to the speeches he’s been giving over the past couple of weeks. But one big thing struck me: In this national televised speech, Bush went out of his way to take responsibility for the war. He repeatedly talked about “my decision to invade Iraq,” even though, of course, it was also Congress’s decision. He made very clear that, ultimately, this was his war, and the decisions were his.

Why did he do that? Because he thinks we’re winning, and he wants credit. By November 2006, and especially November 2008, he thinks that’ll be obvious, and he wants to lay down his marker now on what he believed — and what the other side did. That’s my guess, anyway.

Hmmm….a Republican president, popular with his base, if occasionally frustrating to them at times, crucified endlessly by the opposition party and the press (but I repeat myself), who is ultimately proven by history.

I’ve seen this story before.

Update: Michelle Malkin has plenty of links to additional coverage. This post by Real Clear Politics on “The Media’s Incurable Myopia” is a must-read.

Another Update: I’ve seen this one before as well. C’mon folks–think of a new rebuttal!

One More: Gateway Pundit explores the timeline of The Thousand Day War.