Ed Driscoll

Holocaust Denial At Reuters?

James Taranto notes curious–if sadly, not very surprising–language from the wire service whose post-9/11 performance has been, to say the least, problematic:

Yesterday we noted that a Reuters dispatch, titled “Iran’s President Questions Holocaust,” included this sentence: “Historians say six million Jews were killed in the Nazi Holocaust.” A later version of the dispatch, however, deleted the words “Historians say” and presented the Holocaust as fact: “The Nazis killed some 6 million Jews during their 1933-1945 rule.”

But today, Reuters has a new formulation:

Historians say six million Jews were killed in the Nazi Holocaust. Regarding this widely-accepted view, Ahmadinejad was quoted by the official Iranian news agency IRNA . . .

Reuters, of course, famously forbade its “reporters” from referring to the Sept. 11 attacks as an act of terrorism. “We’re trying to treat everyone on a level playing field,” said Stephen Jukes, the “global news editor,” in September 2001. Apparently Reuters thinks Holocaust deniers are entitled to a “level playing field,” even if that means downgrading a historical fact to a “widely accepted view.”

And at least once, they’ve invited a top Palestinian terrorist to appear in an in-house gag video.

Update: Related thoughts from Roger L. Simon, and Hugh Hewitt.