Ed Driscoll

The Non-Demoninational Winter Solstitial Temporary Interior Tree

Wizbang looks at the holiday who’s primary symbol Must Not Be Named–at least in English.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, my local Albertson’s Supermarket is happily advertising Freshly Cut Christmas Trees, however.

Update: Michelle Malkin has more on the War On Christmas. And this post is a good place to replay something I wrote last week:

As I noted in my post about the OSM launch, New York Times fashion contributor Elizabeth Hayt thinks we’re in midst of a conservative theocracy. But it’s been ten years since the GOP took control of Congress, they’ve held the Senate for most of that period, and January will mark five years of President Bush in office. Meantime, the gift shop inside that theocratic GOP-controlled Senate sells festive “Holiday” ornaments. To place on your non-demoninational winter solstitial temporary interior tree.

That’s a theocracy? Only to a woman who just knows she’s this close to being fitted for a burka with GOP elephants printed on it. (Probably made of polyester, too.)

Another Update: Don Surber has a bit of good news from California.