Ed Driscoll

Red State Nirvana

I’m blogging in the setting sun from the balcony of my suite at Rough Creek Lodge, an 11,000-acre hunting lodge in Glen Rose, Texas (a couple of hours outside of Dallas). It’s got everything a Red State kind of guy (or gal) could want: a bar with the NFL on its big 16X9 plasma TV, incredble food–and service–in its restaurant, and hunting and fishing galore. Plus ATV rentals, a driving range for golfers, a pool, spa, and, well, all sorts of other things.

And it’s got free Wi-Fi as well in all the rooms–which is how you’re able to read this. More later, or tomorrow, depending upon timing of dinner tonight.

We had dinner here last year around this time, and a guest told us that “Even if you’re not into all that hunting stuff, you should stay here a few days–it’s really terrific!”

So we are! More later, or tomorrow.

Update: More details here.